Film by - Peter Daniels
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This film script was developed from a true life story that myself Peter Daniels had while teaching art therapy at a male Federal prison in Canada. The names, places and dates have all been changed to protect the innocent. The best stories are from true life, and in this film script; “An Open Door”, the opportunity to show compassion for all persons involved is evident.

The story illustrates that we, “mankind” have choices, we are not stuck with circumstances, that we can rise above the negative “stuff” and find results that are good for us.

The metaphysical side of the film is down to earth. This film reaches to audiences that have a broad base, for example, youth, couples, datenight, singles and families can all appreciate the depth of this script, there is something for everyone. The market for this film is aimed at both a domestic and foreign market, making the return on investment,(ROI) great. The film is ready for production, as we have a “Letter of Intent” from an independent Firm to represent the film to distributors. We expect to complete this film in the near future. Actors, Director and Producer will be available at the release.

The film is an empowering story, not for just a few,but to illustrate that we are all connected in a tapestry of care, one universe. Mankind's journey is upward back to our source,and during this earth journey we do meet persons that alter our awareness for ever, my mentor was one of those persons. An ancient quote;"Who so ever will,let them take the waters of life freely". So you see, it isn't color of skin, race or even religion, we are all given a blessing to take freely what we require, that is why the Film is titled "An Open Door".

Latest News is started, (crowd funding campaign for the film).
- Brian Longhurst will introduce this film trailer "An
Open Door"
to his friends and readers that he
developed when writing his book.