Film by - Peter Daniels
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Peter Daniels Film Maker; “An Open Door” from Pyramid Studios

The Studio office is located at 15585 Pacific Ave White Rock B.C. Canada. There are three identities to the studio, one is film, another is fine art painting and other is ceramic and glass. The film studio is mobile as we will film at various locations as this office acts as our base for film. This address also allows us to paint here and publish our art at various art houses, and our ceramics and glass studio are fully operative as we fire the electric and the gas kiln, lehr and glory hole here at this location. Peter Daniels porcelain was selected by the Department of External Affairs for their Permanent Collection in Ottawa in 1985. In 1999 Peter Daniels was nominated for the Bronfman Award of Excellence in Canada by the Delta Arts Council. Peter Daniels has a forty year background in Fine Arts, as an artist and a teacher, so it was natural to use his story and the studios background as a launching pad for a Feature Film.

Peter has worked in the film industry over a twenty year period where he studied and acted as stand-in, back ground, stunt, voice-over, photo double and principal. Peter obtained his formal training at Kootenay School of Art in Nelson B.C. Canada at which time he received a Commercial Art Certificate, a Fine Art Certificate, and a Fine Art Diploma. Next Peter obtained his B.F.A. from Notre Dame University of Nelson B.C. with his major in art education.

His teaching experience took him into community arts councils with O.F.Y. Grants from Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, then onto St. Michael’s University School in Victoria where he was a house parent and the Art Master for grades eight to twelve, and he completed his teaching career at Matsqui Institution as an Art Therapist where he taught for nine years. Writing of the script; “An Open Door” was 99% completed at the Pacific Ave location, and it took three years on and off to complete with numerous rewrites. Official transcripts were drawn from the actual courtroom drama from a prison riot that Peter Daniels had been a Crown Witness in while teaching art at, with extensive editing completed upon it, to allow it to be suitable for a screenplay. The Film trailer was shot in the city of Vancouver and the city of Surrey B.C. The budget, business plan, storyboard, poster and casting of crew and talent were all completed at the Pacific Ave address.